“  B O O K   O F   S T E A M P U N K   I N S P I R A T I O N  ”
[  F A N T A S T I C   I N V E N T I O N S   O F   F A C T   A N D   T H E O R Y  ]

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I don’t have any idea that it will be necessary for the rider of this wheel to wear heavy armor like the diver does. I know, of course, that it takes something pretty strong to resist the water, but it is my observation that these days, when anything new is wanted, somebody always manages to get it up. So I put this submarine bicycle into practical shape. Of course I’m proud of it, but I truly believe that it is going to become a popular and everyday method of amusement.
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          “I’m hurrying the construction as rapidly as possible, but have been put to unavoidable delay by the difficulty of securing some parts. They are not made by the regular bicycle manufacturers, so I have had to have them built to order. In a few weeks I hope to have the submarine bicycle ready for a test. Clad in a flannel-lined diving-suit the cold will not be felt.”

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A Machine Intended to Bore though the Air.
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The Air Auger.
Mr. Allan, a resident of Seattle, Wash., is at present engaged in perfecting a flying machine. The cigar-shaped framework will be 100 feet in length. About it will be a worm of silk filled with gas. The worm will form the thread of a screw ten feet in diameter at the center, and tapering at either end. A cabin in the frame, suspended from the axle, will be the source of the “power” which is to cause the screw to revolve and bore its way through the air. One man only is to occupy the cabin. Passengers will be carried in a basket suspended below the frame by long ropes. A complicated steering apparatus will control the course of the machine. Mr. Allan is confident that his invention will be “a go” when put to the test. That, however, is a matter that only the future can decide.

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