“  B O O K   O F   S T E A M P U N K   I N S P I R A T I O N  ”
[  F A N T A S T I C   I N V E N T I O N S   O F   F A C T   A N D   T H E O R Y  ]

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          The car is fitted with saloons and other accommodations for passengers, and, according to the inventor “If properly constructed cannot be overturned, and will be the safest, swiftest and most pleasant means of traveling the world has yet experienced.” But he admits there is that annoying “if.”
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The War Cycle.
The latest invention to be tested and put in the field for defensive purposes Is a war bicycle, with wheels made of Harveyized steel. The idea of using cycle corps of riflemen for the defense of a country open to attack and also for scouting and reconnoitering in regions where the roads will permit is not by any means a new one, and inventors have been working along lines tending to develop the bicycle for the purpose in view. The outcome is this machine, which is strong and speedy and can be “knocked down” in a hurry and its wheels used as shields for the protection of the rider, who transforms himself in a moment motorman to sharpshooter.
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THE EPICYCLE.blank space
The Epicycle.
The inventive mania in the direction of cycling improvements is not alone confined to this country, which has of late developed any number of patent unicycles. England now comes to the font with what is called by the Britons “the latest novelty in velocipedes, the epicycle.” The epicycle is an immense wheel spoked to an inner rim, within which is fitted a V-shaped contrivance whose ends and averted apex are rigged with wheels, the lower and larger one of which is fitted with pedal attachments. With a pushing start and the added incentive of the friction furnished by the youthful operator pictured, the sanguine inventor claims its advantages are great speed and ease of locomotion.

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