“  B O O K   O F   S T E A M P U N K   I N S P I R A T I O N  ”
[  F A N T A S T I C   I N V E N T I O N S   O F   F A C T   A N D   T H E O R Y  ]

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          Besides the system of network which surrounds the balloons and which holds them attached to the car there are aluminum braces securing the belts or girths to the car below. These braces are also the stays for the sails forward and at the sides for steering purposes.
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Chicago Man’s Idea of Airship
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Chicago Flying Machine.
F.M. Mahan, of Chicago, claims he was responsible for the successful flight recently made by Santos-Dumont’s flying machine. The latter made his successful flights in Paris and the Chicago man says his arguments convinced the inventor the flying machine and not the balloon must eventually solve the problem of navigating through the air.
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A New York Man’s Unique and Useful Invention.
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The Trunk Tub.blank space
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          This is the season of the year when a host of city people who go to the country say they live in a trunk, but to take a bath in a trunk is something that has just been made possible. Eugene Sandow is the man who has developed the idea, and it is as practical as his muscles. People who have tried the invention say he knows exactly what he is talking about. The trunk tub, says the New York Journal, looks like a trunk, and that is just what it is, for when it is not in use for bathing purposes it is perfectly available for ordinary trunk purposes. It is leather bound, cornered with bright steel fittings, and finished with highly-polished, brass-headed nails. lt has a massive brass lock, ornamented so as to add greatly to the looks of the affair. To transform the trunk into a bathtub all that is necessary to do is to raise the lid, lift out the trays, and the tub is before you. The box portion of the trunk is lined with a light, waterproof fabric. The trunk is octagonal in shape, so there are no sharp corners inside.

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