T H E   S E A T T L E   S T A R
“ M A R V E L O U S   C R I T T E R S   O F   P U G E T   S O U N D

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Speedsimp Sucker
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          The Star certainly has started something.
          Having had our attention called to certain odd species of fish which make their home in the waters of Puget sound, we advocated the establishment of a municipal aquarium, where these creatures might be exhibited to the public. But we never dreamed of what really lies—“really lies”, we think, is a good word—beneath the surface of our innocent appearing bay.
          After all, it seems the common citizens of Seattle can give any naturalist in the world cards end spades, then beat him at his own game. For what naturalist ever heard of the cable cleaning croppie, of the gushington slimeback, or the salvager sucker, or the opium-pipe fish? Or of the two that our correspondents bring to our attention today? Here are their letters:
• • • •
          Editor The Star: Noticing your laudable efforts to bring before the public eye through the columns of your most illustrious publication the virtues of Puget sound’s finny marvels, I hasten to say that it’s time for the city to get busy.

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Selections from The Seattle Star Written by Various
(Seattle: 1913) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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