T H E   S E A T T L E   S T A R
“ M A R V E L O U S   C R I T T E R S   O F   P U G E T   S O U N D

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Opium Pipe Fish

What Was Removed From Here: While it is usually with pride that we present folklore without revision, at times the reverse is true. Some off-color remarks towards people of Chinese decent were taken out of this ebook. Such remarks are reflected of an assumption that the presence of another group must equal a challenge to ones own. This idea can lead us on a path of constant confrontation that robs us of time and energy better spent on loved ones. Often it forces us to fight imaginary battles with total strangers without really understanding why. It is an opium for the mind, little better than a drug addiction, causing us to forever stir up trouble for others fully neglecting what is important in our own lives.
          What Is still more astonishing is the silmeback's powers of discernment. It can be taught to distinguish objects. All you have to do is to pin the picture of what you want on the end of its nose, and it will return with the desired object. Like the salvager, this fish is also held by a string tied to its tail. I have had a gushIngton slimeback for many years as a pet, and I find it more useful than a diving suit, for It can go to any depth. — J. GILL KNETT.
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          Editor The Star: Your recent stories of rare Puget sound fish are very interesting. Have you heard of the Opium-Pipe Fish? It is found only at Smith cove. Whenever a steamer from the orient ties up at the dock large schools of these fish can be seen splashing about, as if in keen expectancy. They wait for the opium that is thrown overboard when the customs officials get too close on the trail of would-be smugglers.
          The opium-pipe fish live almost entirely on opium. When hurried, they eat it. Otherwise, they hold it in their mouths until they find a nice sunny beach, where they can smoke it at leisure midst pleasant dreams.


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Selections from The Seattle Star Written by Various
(Seattle: 1913) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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