Storytelling is a dying art. Not for the kind of stories found in high fantasy, sword and sorcery, steampunk or what have you, but for the sort of stories told aloud by the light of a campfire. For there simply is no substitute for a good campfire story. To which not even the printed tales on this site can do any real justice. Rather, think of these pages as a lost and found, not of tangible items, but of all the wild forgotten tales just waiting to be retold. These are like those stories dreamt up long ago in some lonely logging camp somewhere, over the roar of laughter and crackle of the open fire, but which have gone long unheard ever since.

Lenwood Sharpe
© 2015
Thrill Land
The art of good storytelling lies in the retelling, rather than the choice of phrases. The stories herein are not tales that should be fixed word-for-word in our memories, but rather those that should be spoken fluidly as to allow fresh imagination to come into play. For these tales more closely resemble the stuff of dreams than fairytales and dreams are never so exactly alike. On this site we present a menagerie reminiscent of tall tales, big fish stories, dreams, folklore, steampunk, fantasy genre of games, campfire legends, and new old mythology.