T H E   S E A T T L E   S T A R
“ M A R V E L O U S   C R I T T E R S   O F   P U G E T   S O U N D

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Hydra-Head Grampet.
          In general appearance, this fish much resembles the ordinary garden, or market variety, save that it has two heads, one on either end. Its scales, while imbricated to prevent the fish from leaking, are reversible and flop forward and back to suit the direction it happens to be going or coming. Whenever it becomes necessary to make a sudden stop, the scales are erected to stand at right angles to the body, thereby acting as a brake. As it really has no tail and but one long dorsal fin, the heads serve double purpose of rudder and cutwater alternately, or vice versa, and the long, thin supple body, by a series of systematic muscular-like contortions, enables it to navigate about and seek its food, which it captures by strategy.

          The Tadpolarius is, by nature a coward fish and preys only upon other fish and reptiles, which do not show fight, but which seek safety in flight, so when it sees the Hydra-headed Amphibian Grampett backing off, it pursues in full chase, and just at the psychological moment the Hydra sets brakes, reverses its course, and with its cavernous mouth agap, double crosses its would-be assassin by swallowing him bodily.


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Selections from The Seattle Star Written by Various
(Seattle: 1913) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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