A R T    C H I L D S ’
“ Y A R N S   O F   T H E   B I G   W O O D S
( H Y P E R T E X T   E D I T I O N )

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          “Not much fish in the lake this summer,” said the old guide sadly, as he rowed with his party across the sun-flecked water where the glistening fish were supposed to be waiting hungrilly for some one to offer them bait.
          “What's the matter?” asked the “chap from the city,” on his first trip into the Big Woods.
          “Those know-it-all game wardens scared the duck-footed dum-dum away, that's what. Ever see a dum-dum? Funny animal. Comes around every spring. He has two tails like bass-drum sticks and swings them like lightning, beating on the tight drum-like skin on his back.”
          “Well, when the fish hear this they all flock near the shore in shallow water and lay their eggs. They wouldn't know it was spawning season if they didn't hear the dum-dum. Then after they lay their eggs they go away and the dum-dum keeps watch until all the little fish are hatched out.”
          “So you see when those pesky game wardens come spying around and scare off the dum-dum, we don't get any fish.” And the guide pulled glumly at his little black pipe.

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Yarns of the Big Woods Written and Illustrated by Art Childs
(Associated Editors, 1922) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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