T H E   S E A T T L E   S T A R
“ M A R V E L O U S   C R I T T E R S   O F   P U G E T   S O U N D

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          If such a fish as a salvager existed in Puget sound It would undoubtedly be known to everyone in Seattle. I, as an authority on the subject of fish, would certainly have heard of it.
          I have spent much of my time with Puget sound fishermen, and I have never heard any of them mention the name of “salvager,” even as a mythical being.
          Mr. Alton states that the salvager, which is only two feet long, can lift a weight of two tons. This is quite impossible. An ant, the strongest animal for its size known, cannot lift more than three times its own weight. How could a two-foot fish, weighing probably 15 pounds, lift an object weighing two tons?
          That any kind of a fish could be trained in rescue work is impossible. That a salvager could be taught to know the difference between a rock and a sack of coal, or a brick and a box of cigars, is ridiculous.
          Mr. Alton seemed so honest and concert in his statements about this extraordinary fish that I am loath to cast any reflection upon his truthfulness and honesty. But I consider it only fair to the public to say that without the slightest doubt I consider Mr. Alton grossly misinformed.
          “Of course you, as a wise editor, know all about the salvager sucker.” Yes, Mr. Editor, you must be a wise one to believe all that Mr. Alton told you in his letter.

Professor of Ichthyology. U. of W.
          Editor The Star: I read with great interest the letter in yesterday’s Star about the salvage sucker, not that I agree with Mr. Alton as to the value of this fish, but because it is good to see that someone is taking interest in the rare piscatorial friends of man to be found right here in Puget sound.
          But why boost the “sal sucker” ahead or the cable cleaning croppie, which is of so much service to the Vashon island residents, in keeping lines of communication open?

Cable-Cleaning Croppie.

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Selections from The Seattle Star Written by Various
(Seattle: 1913) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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