L A K E  S H O R E  K E A R N E Y ' S    “ T H E   H O D A G   A N D   
O T H E R   T A L E S   O F   T H E   L O G G I N G   C A M P S

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know de man's dat change dis country viii hey plenty people vaiting for dem. Swan, don't you Vink dis beautiful country dat has changed so by dose few men, and has sent so many souls to perdition viii be scare for fear yen dey coom to de Judgment seat?' I not say anyt'ng but yust sit dere and t'ink. Den he get oop and say, 'Aral, good-bye, Swan, I hope ye some more again yen de banshee cat bane not around'. My Christene and I t'ink he did not dream of de banshee cat, vor vhy did ye hear him too, if de Irisher yust dreamed it? Tell me dat, hah?"

Shan. T. Boy
In lovely Langlade County, near the center
          of this state,
Where mammoth crops of Timothy and
          Clovers vegetate
And big herds of dairy cattle in pastures
          "moo" and "low"
There's a charming, lovely city, whose name
          is Antigo.
In the pleasant Spring Brook valley, where
          limpid waters flow


And start on their long journey to the Gulf
          of Mexico,
With a bright and crystal surface and shin-
          ing sands below,
Meandering through the city of lovely
Oh full well do I remember the days now
          past and gone,
When this was but a playing ground for
          rabbit and for fawn
And they gamboled in the moonlight, some
          five decades ago
In the pleasant Spring Brook valley, where
          now stands Antigo.
Oh quite well do I remember, when red
          deer, wolf and bear
Were wandering unmolested along the Big
          Eau Claire.
When mosquitoes sang in millions and por-
          cupines moved slow
Throughout the Spring Brook valley, where
          now stands Antigo.
But those were days ere Antigo was e'en
          but a little child,
It was then a virgin forest and everything
          was wild.

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The Hodag and Other Tales of the Logging Camps, Written by Lake Shore Kearney
(Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Press, 1928) Original Text and Illustrations Public Domain License.
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