The Wolves

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore ...

— Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven

Long overdue and heartfelt acknowledgement is made to the following individuals for either their behind-the-scenes contributions to this site, overzealous enthusiasm for furthering the study of “fearsome critters” or just enduring belief in our wild and eccentric venture. In all cases, duly recognizes the following individuals, without whom these North American legends might have been forgotten altogether:

Wolf Head
  • To Shawn McBurnie and the Slight Exaggerations whose zeal and passion for celebrating folklore in ballad reflects great credit to the spirit of yesterday’s woodsman. May your melodious talents echo in every forest and resound off the bough of every tree. Please take a moment to share in song here.

  • To the self-proclaimed and dually recognized “token-nuts,” Barbara & Mike for allowing us to embellish our website with their craft. Your little eBay store has breathed new life into our project and has found a new home in the lumberwoods. Many thanks, and one-hundred percent positive feedback from us to you.

  • To A. J. Oxton of the White Mountains of New Hampshire whose unseen life in the harshest and unreachable climes of the globe is almost too difficult to imagine, but the importance of which is certainly not lost on us. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar may Wamfahoopi warble at your wedding.

  • To Sett Balise who has graciously supplied the calipers featured on our homepage. Best wishes from our family to yours.

  • To Dr. Silvia Patricia Rios Husain for guidance in locating academic resources for growing this project and encouragement to broaden the basis of our research. Her kind assistance reflects great credit upon herself as well as the educational community. For all this our sincerest gratitude and respect.

  • To Ms. Beverly for the compass image lurking just in the back of our homepage. Most appreciative are we for it makes an excellent addition in providing an added touch of historicity to our site. May good fortune smile upon you.

  • To Scott for permitting us use of his logging chain photo for our homepage interface. It is comforting to know that, if naught else, eBay will always prevail in terms of furnishing antique imagery. Splendid work, you sir keep on keepin' on!

  • Likewise acknowledgement is made to Ginny and the mysterious Mr. mustang916-us, yet other devout ebayers, for contributions in the past. So good is the support from those who have never heard of us, but who welcomingly contribute to our site all the same. Much thanks!

  • To John “Brojo” Wooldridge, an avid collector of “Monster In My Pocket” figures and cryptozoological memorabilia, for his intellectual commentary and vigorous gusto for encounters of the forgotten kind. His willingness and liveliness for debate warrant a sincere appreciation for his humble opinion. From our shanty to your abode in the heart of the Ozarks we owe you much due thanks.

  • To Ranger Tim E. Cassidy for his service in both promoting this rich lore and protecting our national parks. His tireless research in wildlife and Bigfoot studies reflects praiseworthy envy on our part. To you sir, we confer a great admiration and recognition of carrying on the tourch of true “timber beasts” before you.

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